Connect your Telegram Account to SleekFlow

Connecting to Telegram

To connect Telegram to SleekFlow, you will need the following:

Create a Telegram Bot

  1. Log in to your Telegram account

Go to Contacts, search @BotFather

2. Start creating a bot

Press "Start" to create a Telegram bot

3. Send a command

Type in /newbot to send a command.

4. Name your bot

Type in your desired name for your bot.

5. Choose a username for your bot

Type in a username for your bot.

The name must end in "bot"

6. Done

Your telegram bot is created. Copy the Bot Token and follow the below guide to connect it to SleekFlow.

Connect to SleekFlow Platform

1. Navigate to Channels > Add Channels. Click "Add" next to Telegram.

2. Name the Channel and paste the Bot Token.

Click the "Install" button to proceed.

Enter a name for this specific Telegram channel for your team to recognize this channel better.

3. Channel connected

The system will then generate a unique link and QR code.

Copy the link or save the QR code of your account below and share it with any Telegram user to start a conversation directly with you.

Telegram FAQs/ Limitations

1. Does automation rules work for Telegram on SleekFlow? What about broadcasting campaigns?

Yes, automation works on Telegram, just like other channels. You can send an image broadcast on SleekFlow with a max image size of 5mb.

2. Can we use Telegram bot and SleekFlow at the same time?

Yes, We can use the Telegram bot and SleekFlow at the same time.

3. Is there additional charges on messaging fees? Can I connect more than one Telegram bot on SleekFlow?

No, there are no additional fees on using the Telegram bot nor messaging fees charged. You may only connect one Telegram bot on SleekFlow.

4. Will Telegram auto sync contacts and messaging history to SleekFlow?

Telegram bot will NOT auto sync contacts and messaging history as this is not a normal Telegram account.

5. Does Telegram autosave a contact on SleekFlow?

Yes, it will autosave a contact when he/she contacts you on Telegram SleekFlow.

6. What type of files are supported in Telegram SleekFlow?

Telegram on SleekFlow supports most common types of files such as images, emojis, GIF and videos. It does not support files in PDF, excel etc.

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