View broadcast details to the selected channel with just one click

Broadcast Status

You can check the Broadcast sending status (Sent/Sending/Scheduled/Pause) on the Broadcasts page.

Broadcast in "Sent" or "Sending" status will not be able to edit again.

Broadcast Response Rate

Next to the title of the broadcast message, you can find statistics to check the response rate of the broadcast.

Broadcast message status

Clicking on the title of the broadcast will allow you to view the message details of the broadcast, sorted by status.

To filter out message status, select the desired message status type from the drop-down button list.

Failed Reason

You can check the reason why the message failed to send here.

For more information on why WhatsApp messages fail to send, please refer to the link below to check the error code.

Export CSV

You can export a CSV file to view the campaign's individual message status.

You may check the message status (Received/Read/Replied/Sending/Failed), as well as the delivered or replied time.

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