Conversation Module

Inbox basics

The inbox screen consists of four main sections:

Red: Inbox section

Blue: Conversation Module

Green: Chat Module

Pink: Message Console

Inbox Section

This consists of two sections: My Inbox and Company Inbox.

My Inbox

Assigned to Me: Chats that have been assigned to you.

Collaborations: Chats that have added you as a collaborator.

Mentions: Chats that have mentioned you.

Company Inbox

All: All incoming chats in your account.

Teams: Chats that are assigned to a specific team, such as customer service or sales.

Conversation Module

Search Bar

Search for keywords, contact names, or phone numbers in the search bar to find conversations across all channels. This lets you search all existing conversations in one place.

Search results will appear in two segments:

  • People: This will return the relevant contact information.

  • Message: This will return the relevant content.

Filter Icon You can filter your conversations based on channels, labels, members by clicking on the filter icon next to the search bar.

Chat Module

You can assign the conversation to Unassigned, Assign to Me or even assign it to a specific team or user.

Assign to a specific team

Assign to a specific user

Add Collaborator

To add collaborators to your chats, click on the '+' icon in the chat module.

Add Collaborators based on the Admins, Team or an Individuals

Remove Collaborators

To remove added collaborators, click on the '-' icon next to their name.

Contact Information

To view the contact information of the chat you are handling, click on the 'i' icon. You can add notes, labels, and lists by clicking on the '+' icon.

Click on the pen icon to edit the contact information.

Click on the paperclip icon to Add media or documents to the chat

Click on the arrow to access the full Contact details

Three Dots

The three dots at the end of the Chat Module allow you to:

  • Close conversation: End the chat session.

  • Pin conversation: Keep the chat at the top of your inbox for easy access.

Message Console

The Hide notification button allows you to hide all notifications sent by a specific chat.

WhatsApp Icon: Allows you to create and send templates and interactive messages.

Paperclip Icon: Allows you to attach files to your chat.

Chat Icon: Select saved replies.

Smiley Icon: Select emojis.

Bag Icon: For the Shopify catalog.

Money Icon: For the payment link.

Internal notes

Adding internal notes is a useful feature for discussing with colleagues or marking down important information. These notes are only visible to users of your account.

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