Connect to Official WhatsApp Business API to use SleekFlow.

To create an Official WhatsApp API account, it requires to apply through a WhatsApp Partner. Once it is approved and provisioned your Official WhatsApp Business API account, you may connect it to SleekFlow and manage WhatsApp messages on the inbox, just like other channels.

Connect Official WhatsApp account to SleekFlow

1. Apply via 360dialog

Apply an Official WhatsApp account through 360dialog. The process should take 3days-2 weeks.

pageApply via 360dialog

Book a consultation with our team for choosing the best WhatsApp Business connection if you are using the Free Plan.

Messaging Window

Official WhatsApp Business API has a messaging window of 24 hours which allow users to reply to customers with any content using session messages. After 24 hours, users need to send a Template Message to reopen the messaging window to respond to the customers.

There are two types of messages for Official WhatsApp, with a Pay-as-you-go charge for sending.

You may calculate the estimated pricing through our WhatsApp Pricing tool.

Template Messages: If you and the customer had no conversation in the last 24 hours, you are required to send a pre-approved WhatsApp template message to reopen the messaging window. When you receive a reply from your customer, you can keep sending free-form session messages to the customers within the next 24 hours.

Learn more about creating templates on the SleekFlow platform:

pageManage Templates

Session Messages: The timer is set whenever a contact sends an incoming message to your WhatsApp number. You will have 24 hours to send any messages to that user.

Interactive Messages

Besides just sending text, you may send interactive templates messages to customers for better engagement. There are two types of interactive messages you can create in the template:

Quick Reply: Customers click on a predefined button and reply with a simple text message.

For example, you can create quick reply buttons for customers to choose the service when contacting you.

Call to Action: Allows customers to call a phone number and visit a website directly by clicking the button.

For example, you create a call to action button for customers. They click "GO", then it will direct them to the new website instantly.

You can choose one of them when creating a new template. Check this guide for more details:

pageManage Templates

List Messages

360dialog now allows incoming messages to trigger interactive messages namely List Messages and Quick Reply. Giving you an option to increase the interactions between you and your customers! List Messages are now available under the automation scenario - “Incoming Messages”. Check this guide below for more information.

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