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FAQs during the application process

1. Why did my application get rejected?

One possible reason is that Meta may have identified your business has violated the WhatsApp Commerce Policy. If this is not the case, you may file an appeal on the Account Quality page to request a review again. Meta will get back within 24 hours on the appeal outcome.

Another possible reason is Incomplete information in your Business Manager Info section. Meta would verify the information you updated in this section against your WABA application.

If there are no valid website, or incorrect/ incomplete company details, Meta may reject the application. Please ensure the information is updated correctly before applying for WABA.

2. My display name is rejected. What can I do?

The display name is always a "trial and error" process until we get the desired outcome. It is recommended to put in the same name as the Legal Business Name to have a better chance for approval.

Each business has different structures, so they may need another Display name from the Legal Business Name. In this case, please make sure the requested display name is clearly stated on the business website (that Meta can locate and relate to your business).

Display name guidelines can be found here.

3. Can I use an existing WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business app number to upgrade to WABA (WhatsApp Business API)?

Yes! You can. Although we always recommend you to use a new number (even a landline) to apply.

Few things to take note if you want to use your existing WhatsApp number to apply:

  • WABA does not support Group Chat or voice calls at the moment. The previous group chat linked to this number will no longer be connected once the number is upgraded.

  • Use our Chrome extension to backup all chat history prior to the application. You may upload the chat history back to SleekFlow as soon as the WABA is successfully connected to SleekFlow.

pageBackup WhatsApp chats filespageUpload zip file to SleekFlow
  • There is a possible downtime (1 hour to 3 days) during the application process. During this time, customers will not be able to reach you through the same number since it has been deleted from the WhatsApp app and WABA is in the setup mode.

4. What are possible reasons for a number registration to fail?

The number has not been fully deleted from WhatsApp app/ WhatsApp Business account. Follow the instruction below to remove the number completely from WhatsApp app/ WhatsApp Business.

pageDelete WhatsApp account

5. I have WABA account from another BSP. Can I migrate from them to your solution? What should I do?

Yes, you can.

It is possible to migrate the number to our solution via a separate signup form. You will have to first contact the current BSP, have them to turn off the 2FA on their side before migrating. Do contact us if you need further assistance on this.

6. I have deleted my WhatsApp app/ WhatsApp Business. How do I access WABA using phone?

WABA doesn't come with a user interface by itself, and the usual WhatsApp/ WhatsApp Business will not work. You may download SleekFlow mobile app to access your WABA accordingly. You can receive and reply to customers as usual in our app.

7. Can I change WABA account to another number?

No, there is no way to "swap" or "change" a number outright. However, you can achieve the same result by setting up a new phone number and then deleting the old one. Each WABA number comes with a service fee of USD 12.50 per month.

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