Import Contacts

Bulk import contacts using excel or csv files

  1. Click on Import contacts.

  1. Download sample.CSV or .XLSX file to update contacts information.

Make sure to use the correct format, otherwise, the file may not upload successfully.

  1. Fill out the contact details in the file.

Remove any unnecessary columns and only keep the columns that you want to update.

Ensure the phone number has country code WITHOUT + or spaces.

e.g. 85290129888

  1. Upload or drop the.CSV file or .XLSX file and click Next.

  1. The system will match contact columns.

Under Action, choose Overwrite or Update blank only from the dropdown. Click Next.

Overwrite: Imported values will replace current ones, even if the current value is empty

Update Blank only: Imported values will only be added if the current value is empty

Phone number and email are content mapping fields and cannot be overwritten.

  1. Select Import type whether to add As individual contacts or Add to list. Click Complete.

  1. Tick on the box and click Complete.

  1. You will receive an email notification once contacts are imported successfully.

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