Message Console

Learn various message console features

Notification Alert

The notification will indicate whether the conversation window timer allows sending free-form messages or requires the use of a WhatsApp template to initiate a message.

Show/Hide Notification

To show or hide the notification bar, click the Hide notification or Show Notifications button at the bottom of the message console.

Send Message

Type messages in the message box and send photos and files by dragging and dropping them.

Schedule a message

When responding to a conversation, you also have the option to select the "clock icon" to select a specific time to schedule and send a message.

Internal Note

To respond to a conversation, use the Reply or Note options in the message box. To mark a note as internal, select Internal Note.

Template or Interactive message


Click on the WhatsApp icon to choose between Insert message template or Create interactive message.

Select Insert message template it opens a pop-up modal that shows the templates in the categories of “Starred” , “All templates”, "Marketing templates", "Utility templates", "Authentication templates"

Upon selecting a template, its content will be displayed in the message box with a greyed-out background to indicate that it is not editable. You will also have the option to clear the content.

Interactive message

Select Create interactive message to open a pop-up that displays a dropdown for selecting the button type (Quick Reply / List Message), a message textbox, a field for entering the button text, and a preview of how the message will appear on the right.

Quick Reply

When selecting “Quick Reply” it shows the message textbox (with options of add emoji and variables and display of character limit), and the textbox of the button, which can input text into it.

To add another button field below the first button field, click the Add button. To delete a button, click on the bin icon.

You can also reorder the button fields by clicking on the order icon and dragging the row to a different position.

Maximum 3 Quick Reply buttons can be added.

List Message

When selecting “List message” it shows a button type dropdown, message textbox (with options of add emoji and variables and display of character limit), list title text field, the section (which includes section title field, item fields with description field, options to delete and re-order) and a preview of what the message will look like on the right.

  • When you click on Add item, a new field will appear below, displaying the character count for the name and description.

  • Clicking on Add Section will add a new section below the first one.

  • To delete a section/item, click on the bin icon. Use the Remove icon to delete the section that was added.

It is mandatory to fill in the List Title before submitting the form.

The list has a maximum of 10 options, irrespective of the number of sections.

Once you have added 10 items, the "Add section" and "Add item" buttons will be disabled.

Attach File

You can attach images, videos, and PDFs by clicking the ''paperclip'' button.

You can search and find the media/files history through this guide.

Saved Replies

Using saved replies can help you quickly respond to your customers without having to type out the same message repeatedly.

To reply to customers using saved replies, click on the "saved replies" icon. From there, you can search for or select the "Saved Replies" option.

Add Emoji

Clicking on the emoji icon opens a panel that allows you to select emojis. When you hover over an emoji, its name and symbol are displayed. Selecting an emoji will insert it into the message box.

Audio Message

Send voice messages instantly during a conversation by recording an audio message.

For more details about audio notes, please check here:

Product Catalog

Use the ''product catalog'' button to share product details and checkout links with customers directly.

Check out the guide below to learn how to customize your catalog.

Click on the ''currency sign'' in the chat box to create a payment link by filling in the details manually.

Check out this guide for more details on how to create a payment link manually.

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