Application process

Create a WhatsApp Business API account and connect to SleekFlow

SleekFlow is Meta's badged Business partner.

Once Meta approves and provisions your Official WhatsApp Business API account, you can connect it to SleekFlow and manage WhatsApp messages in the inbox, just like other channels.

To connect to the Official WhatsApp Business API, you are required to have a valid phone number and complete the signup process. The whole process could take up to 5 mins - a week.

Signup Process


To start with the signup process, you MUST need the following:

  • Turn on 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) on your personal Facebook account

pageTurn on 2FA on Facebook account

Step 1: Navigate to Channels

Go to Channels > WhatsApp Official API > Connect

Step 2: Sign up with a new phone number

Click on Connect Cloud API using a new phone number

SleekFlow will charge a USD15 connection fee for each connected phone number per month.

Click Pay USD15 via Stripe

Step 3: Create a Facebook and WhatsApp Business account

You will need to log in to your Facebook account.

Choose or Create a Facebook and WhatsApp Business account

  1. Select Business Account

Choose your existing Facebook Business Account

Or create a new Facebook Business Account portfolio

2. WhatsApp Business Account

Create a new WhatsApp Business Account.

Step 4: Create WhatsApp Profile

  1. Name your WhatsApp Business Account and WhatsApp display Name

  2. Select the time zone, business category and description (optional).

Recommend the display name match your legal business name and have a clear relation with the business.

Please refer to this guideline for more details.

Step 5: Number Registration

For a new phone number

We strongly suggest users use a NEW phone number that can receive SMS or call for registration.

For existing phone number (with WhatsApp app)

If you are using an existing WhatsApp/ WhatsApp Business number to apply, please make sure the chats history have been backed up using SleekFlow Chrome extension.

pageBackup WhatsApp chats files

After that, please go to your phone WhatsApp/ WhatsApp Business App and delete the number before filling in the number to verify as per the next step below.

pageDelete WhatsApp account

During the application time, those messages sent to your number will be queued in WhatsApp server. They will be delivered to your number once it is connected to WABA successfully.

Verify phone number

Fill in the phone number you want to register for this WhatsApp account. Choose either "Text Message" or "Voice Call" to receive the 6-digit verification code.

A 6-digit verification code will be sent to your phone number.

Enter the code and click the Nextbutton.

Step 6: Set a Channel Name

Input channel name for internal recognition.

Step 7: Set Auto top-up for messaging fee

You are encouraged to choose an auto top-up value to top up when the WhatsApp balance is below [USD20/USD50/USD100/USD500] etc.

You may toggle the auto top-up status, as well as the top-up value in the settings later:

Step 8: Connected

Your Official WhatsApp channel is connected!

You are encouraged to add funds to your Official WhatsApp account for sending messages, click Settings then the system will direct you to Billing.

WhatsApp Account Tiers

Your account is automatically placed into different tiers when you complete the signup flow until all reviews are completed.

pageWhatsApp Business Account Tiers

To have Standard Access Tier, you must complete the Facebook Business Verification and get approval from WhatsApp. Please follow the guide to complete the verification:

pageFacebook Business Verification

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