Edit Contact Details

Easy edit the contact's information

Media files

All sent and received media files from the conversation will be saved under Media.

To locate and download these files and media records, click the paperclip logo in the conversation.

Contact Info

You can view the contact's phone number and email address here.

Check out how to change the Contact info through this guide:

pageEdit Contact Information


To add notes for this contact, click the + icon and write short reminders, and notes.


Use customer labels to segment important and loyal customers when preparing broadcast campaigns to avoid leaving them out.

More setting of Labels info through this guide:

pageInbox Labels


To better classify and target your contacts, you can add them to lists.

To add a contact to a list, use the "+" icon. You can create a new list by typing into the input box and selecting create-new-list, or select an existing list by ticking the box.

Contact Fields

To easily find the contact person's details from the contact information bar, click the magnifier icon.

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