Add Internal Notes & Mention

Discuss internally before responding to customers.

To respond to a conversation, simply select either "Reply" or "Internal Note" from the input box located at the bottom of the message console.

If you need to leave a note that is only visible to internal team members, select "Internal Note" to create one.

Internal notes will be shown in yellow text bubbles and will not be received by customers.

A note icon appears on your chat panel, which helps you identify if a note has been added.


In addition to writing a note to yourself, you can mention your teammates in conversations by typing "@" before their username. This can facilitate better discussions with your colleagues.

Teammates mentioned in the conversation will be able to see and reply within 48 hours under "Mentions".

On the left-hand side, under "My Inbox", you can check for mentioned conversations by clicking on the "Mentions" option. This will allow you to view notes that have been mentioned.

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