Pin & Unread

Mark conversations as unread or prioritize messages in the Inbox list.

Pin Conversation

Pin conversations to the top of your list for quick access and to stay updated with important messages.

To pin a conversation in your Inbox, click the 3 dots (···) next to the conversation and select Pin conversation.

The conversation will be pinned to the top of your list with a grey pin icon.

Unpin Conversation

Unpin conversations from the top of the Messages list when they are no longer important.

To unpin a conversation in your inbox, click the grey pin icon directly or click the three dots (···) next to the conversation and select Unpin conversation.

Conversations will be listed based on the time of the last message instead.

An individual user can set a Pin.

The PIN function is specific to the user's own account and does not affect pins set by other users.

If a user unpins a conversation, it may still be pinned by other collaborators.

For example:

During a conversation between Staff A and Staff B with James, both staff members pinned the conversation. However, if Staff A unpins the conversation, Staff B's pinned conversation will remain unchanged.

Mark as Unread

You can mark conversations as unread to revisit them later when you have time to respond.

To mark conversations unread, click the 3 dots ··· beside the conversation and pick Mark as unread.

A red unread badge will appear next to the conversation to show the unread messages.

Mark as read

You can mark messages as read without opening them.

To remove the unread badge, click the three dots (...) and choose Mark as read from the options.

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