Add & Remove Collaborators

Collaborate with colleagues to manage conversations together

To add a collaborator, click on the top right-hand corner of the chat module.

Add collaborators to manage a conversation together.

The conversation will appear in both the contact owner's and collaborators' inboxes, and both will receive notifications for new incoming messages.

To assign collaborators, simply select the box next to their name and then click on Add Collaborators once you are finished.

You will be able to see the added collaborators icon at the top right corner side.

Remove Collaborators

To remove a collaborator, click the "add collaborator" icon and select the collaborator you want to remove from the collaborators list. Click the "-" symbol to remove it.

Once removed, the collaborator will no longer receive any notifications about new incoming messages.

Access collaboration conversations assigned to you by clicking "Collaborations" under "My Inbox" on the left-hand side.

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