Plans and billing

Manage your SleekFlow subscriptions based on your business needs

Written By Frieda Yip (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 27th, 2024

In this article, we will guide you through how to check and manage your SleekFlow subscriptions, payments, and invoices.

ℹ️ Note on permission 

Only Admin users can access billing information and make billing changes to your SleekFlow account. 


Plan details and usage limits

To check your current plan subscription and usage limits:

  • At the top of the “Subscriptions” page in “Plans and Billings”, you will find details about your current plan, billing amount, billing cycle, and the next billing date.

  • In the “Monthly usage” section, you will find details about your monthly usage of Broadcast messages. Your usage cycle for Broadcast messages will reset every month based on the billing cycle of your subscription plan.
  • In the “Plan limits” section, you will find details about your usage of user accounts and contacts. Unlike Broadcast messages, your usage cycle for user accounts or contacts does not reset.


Plan subscription management

SleekFlow offers a range of subscription plans. You can learn more in “Plans and Billings” to decide which one best fits your business needs. 

To explore SleekFlow’s subscription plans:

  • On the “Manage plan” page in “Plans and Billings”, there is a Base Plan Options table that provides detailed information on the available subscription plans. This table includes pricing details, usage limits specific to each plan type, and a breakdown of the features accessible to each plan type.

  • To upgrade your plan to Pro or Premium, click “Upgrade” to proceed with the payment. Once your payment is completed, the upgrade will take effect immediately.

  • If you wish to explore options beyond our Pro or Premium plans to satisfy your business needs, you can consider our Enterprise plan, which is designed to accommodate businesses with unique requirements and high scalability. To learn more about the Enterprise plan, click “Contact us” to talk to SleekFlow’s specialists.

Billing cycle management

SleekFlow offers two options for billing cycles: monthly and annually. 

To change your billing cycle:

  • On the “Manage plan” page in “Plans and Billings,” select your preferred billing cycle and subscription plan. Then click “Switch” to proceed with the payment.

  • If your subscription plan type does not change, your new billing cycle will start right after your current one ends upon payment completion. However, if your subscription plan type changes, the switch will take effect immediately. 

Add-on management

In addition to plan subscriptions, you can choose to purchase add-on subscriptions to meet your business needs. SleekFlow currently offers the following add-ons: 

  • User accounts to enhance your workspace’s capabilities
  • Contact storage to expand your reach to a larger customer base

You can learn more by visiting the “Add-ons” page in “Plans and Billings”.

Support services management

To ensure your optimal utilization of the SleekFlow platform, we provide a range of support services that grant you direct access to dedicated specialists, who can offer you personalized assistance, guidance, and troubleshooting. These services include:

  • Onboarding support to help you set up your account and learn how to navigate the SleekFlow platform
  • Business consultancy service to help you maximize your business’s marketing impact by using SleekFlow’s products, as well as offer technical and third-party software support
  • Flow Builder and automation setup support to help set up your ideal Flow Builder and Automation workflows

You can learn more by visiting the “Support services” page in “Plans and Billings”.

Payment method management

To add a new credit card to your account:

  • At the top of the “Subscriptions” page in “Plans and Billings”, click “Update payment method”. You will be redirected to Stripe to continue updating your payment method.

  • Enter your credit card information and click “Save card” to save your changes.

Invoice management

To view and download your plan subscription invoices:

  • Click the “Subscription” tab on the “Invoices” page in “Plans and Billings”.

  • By default, all transactions are displayed in a table with the most recent transaction at the top. You can utilize the date picker located above the table to filter the transactions.

  • To download a PDF invoice, click the “Download” icon.