AI Smart Reply

Generate replies using SleekFlow AI

Written By Frieda Yip (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 10th, 2024

“SleekFlow AI Smart Reply” allows you to utilize SleekFlow AI to generate responses in conversations based on the recent conversation history and knowledge from the source materials uploaded to the “AI Knowledge Base”. With “AI Smart reply", you can generate responses to cater general user enquiry and answer domain-specific questions using insights from the knowledge base. This feature works best when you have uploaded the relevant training materials and ensure that they have completed training in the “AI Knowledge Base”.

In this article, you will learn how to use the “AI Smart reply” to generate recommended replies to your conversations in “Inbox”.

Using AI Smart Reply in Inbox

AI Smart Reply is only available for:

  • Companies that are on a paid plan (i.e. Pro or above)
  • Companies that have the “AI Smart Reply” feature activated in the “AI Settings”

To get started with using “AI Smart reply”, open any conversation in the “Inbox” module and click on the “AI Smart reply” button on the top right corner of the “Reply” section. You will learn how to generate a Smart reply and use it as your reply in the following sections.

Generate recommended reply

To generate a recommended response using “AI Smart reply”, open a conversation window and click on the “AI Smart reply” button at the top right of the “Reply”tab. The “AI Smart reply” button will be visible when there is currently no user inputted text within the message text box.

SleekFlow AI will then attempt to generate a recommended response in the message text box. You can click on the “Discard” button to cancel this action.

Refine and use the generated reply

Once SleekFlow AI has completed generating a reply, you can choose to perform the following actions:

  1. Discard: You can click on the “Discard” button if you no longer wish to use the generated reply. The message text box will be reset to the previous state before you click on the “AI Smart Reply” button. 
  2. AI Writing Assistant: If you wish to refine the generated response, you can click on the “AI Writing assistant”  button to bring up a dropdown list of out-of-the-box enrichment options, or write your own prompt by clicking on “Enter custom prompt”. You can also click on “Generate another reply” if you wish for the SleekFlow AI to generate a completely different response. 
  1. Confirm: When you believe that the generated reply is suitable as a reply to your customer, you can click on the “Confirm”button and the generated reply will be inserted into the message text box that you can send as a message to your customer.