Migrating an existing WhatsApp Business API account to SleekFlow

Transfer access rights of your WhatsApp Business API account from other Business Solution Partners to SleekFlow

Written By Iqmal (Administrator)

Updated at July 9th, 2024

🔒 The information in this section applies only to Admin account users


🔒This process only applies to users with an existing WhatsApp Business API account


You can migrate your existing WhatsApp Business API account from another Business Solution Partner to SleekFlow by following the guides outlined in this article.

What can be migrated? 

The table below outlines the items that can and cannot be migrated from your existing WhatsApp Business API account:

Can be migrated

Cannot be migrated

Quality rating Chat history
Any approved high quality message template Low quality, rejected, or pending message templates

Official Business Account Status 

(green tick)

Display name  
Messaging limit  


Preparing for migration

The following items are mandatory for processing your migration request:

  • Facebook personal account with full access rights in Facebook Business Manager. You can check your access here

  • Confirm your Facebook Business Manager ID.
  • Facebook Business verification status is “Verified”

  • Phone number is active to receive verification code via SMS or phone call.
  • Confirm your current WhatsApp display name

  • Turn off 2-step verification in WhatsApp Manager. Learn how to turn off 2-step verification here

Step-by-step migration guide

The application process will take ~10-15 minutes to complete. Please expect a 5-10 minute downtime during the application. To migrate a WhatsApp Business API account to SleekFlow: 

  1. Sign in to your SleekFlow account and go to "Channels" by clicking on the icon on left sidebar
  2. Go to the WhatsApp Official API channel settings page, and click "Connect" on the right side of the screen. 

  3. You will be prompted to purchase a WhatsApp Business API connection add-on via Stripe. The standard fee is your local currency value equivalent to US$15/month for each connected phone number.

    Click “Pay $15.00 via Stripe” to proceed to payment.

  4. You will be directed to Stripe to proceed with the payment. Enter your credit card information and click "Subscribe" to complete the payment. 

  5. Once payment is complete, you will be redirected to SleekFlow's WhatsApp Official API connection page
  6. Under “How to connect”, select “Connect an existing Cloud API number to SleekFlow platform”. 

    Click “Next” to proceed. 

  7. You will see a separate pop up window. Please sign in to your personal Facebook account that has full access rights in the Facebook Business Portfolio. 

    Input your password, then click "Continue". 

  8. Once signed in, click "Continue as {your user name}" to proceed to the next step. 

    If you are not on the correct account, click "Log into another account" to return to the previous step. 

  9. You will be asked to fill in your business information. 

    Ensure the business portfolio that you have selected here is the same as that with the WhatsApp Business API account you are looking to migrate. 

    Click “Next” to proceed. 

  10. Next, under Choose a WhatsApp Business Account, choose “Create a WhatsApp Business account”

  11. Then, input the name in the text box under WhatsApp Business Account Name. This name is for internal reference only and will not be disclosed to the public. 

    Under “Timezone”, choose the timezone your business is in. 

    Click”Next” to continue. 

  12. Review the permission you are granting to SleekFlow. If all sounds good, click “Continue”. 

  13. You are now ready to chat with people on WhatsApp. Click “Finish” to proceed.

  14. You will be redirected to the SleekFlow Channel connection page. Click “Previous” to return to “Channel”. It is normal to see no account available for selection in this stage.

  15. Choose “Connect Cloud API using a new phone number”, then click “Next”

  16. Once you are logging to your facebook account again, fill in your business information in this page