Add action node to flow

How to add an action node in Flow Builder to automate tasks

Written By Iqmal (Administrator)

Updated at June 24th, 2024

Action nodes perform specific tasks when triggered, enabling you to automate responses, update contact information, manage conversations, and integrate with external systems.

To add an action node to your flow in "Flow Builder":

  1. Add a new node to the flow

  2. Click on "Action", and select the category of action you would like to perform. These categories are: 

    • Messaging - actions include sending a message, sending media, or adding an internal note to a conversation   
    • Contacts - actions include updating a contact, adding/removing a contact from a list, or adding/removing a label from a contact 
    • Conversation control - actions include changing a conversation status, assigning a conversation, or adding/removing a collaborator from a conversation 
    • External integration - actions include sending a triggered message webhook, sending a contact webhook, or sending an HTTP request
  3. Select the action node you would like to add to your flow from the dropdown, e.g. to add a "Send message" node, click on "Messaging", then "Send message"