One-time notifications and message tags

Discover how to make use of one-time notifications and message tags on Facebook Messenger

Written By Frieda Yip (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 10th, 2024

In this article, we will guide you through one-time notifications and message tags on Facebook Messenger.

What is Facebook one-time notification (OTN)? 

Facebook One-Time Notification (OTN) is used for Facebook Messenger broadcasts or chat blasts to send bulk messages to customers. It is made for businesses to reach out to customers using a specific message block to prompt them to engage with your business without breaking the 24-hour rule.

Difference between Facebook OTN and Message Tags

  Facebook one-time notifications Facebook message tags
Budget/cost Free Free
Usage Marketing messages including special deals and offers Non-promotional content such as event or order updates


How to activate OTN?

With one-time notifications, you can invite users to get an update from your Facebook Page when the update is available. For example, Back-In-stock alerts, product launches

Go to your “Facebook Page” > “Settings” > “Advanced Messaging” > “Requested Features”.

Click the “Request” link next to One-Tine Notification. Agree to Facebook's Terms and Conditions and submit requests.

Using Facebook OTN and Message Tags for Facebook Messenger broadcast

There are 2 ways to o send messages to Facebook contacts who did not interact with your Facebook Business Page in the last 24 hours without extra cost:

1. One-time notifications (OTN)

Once customers decide to opt-in and get notified about your products or services, your Facebook Business Page will receive a token unique for each user, allowing you to broadcast the relevant message to them. 

The token can only be used once and will expire within a year


Using Facebook OTNs, your Facebook Business page contacts can opt-in to get notified with the following:

  • Discounts coupons, promo codes, and special offers
  • Back-in-stock items
  • New product launches
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

How to enable OTN on a Facebook Page?

  • Each token -> sends one message
  • To broadcast more than 1 campaign message -> send more than 1 OTN
  • Able to send out multiple OTN(s) in a single conversation

The tokens of permission received via Facebook OTN can be used for Facebook Messenger broadcast campaigns on SleekFlow. 

You can accumulate the tokens for each contact before sending out the Facebook Messenger broadcast messages.


Notes before using OTN on Facebook Messenger

  • Not to spam users with recurring content
  • Be specific about your intent in the OTN message block
  • Choose a suitable message type, or else your account may easily get banned under the examination of Facebook


2. Facebook Message Tags

Like OTN, Facebook message tags are used to message Facebook Business Page contacts outside the 24-hour messaging window. There are 4 messages types available:

Confirmed event update

  • Event updates, confirmations, and reminders

Post-purchase update

  • Order updates such as receipts, payment status, shipping status, or errors

Account update

  • Update for the account application


Human agent

  • Human-agent request to extend the messaging window from 24 hours to 7 days


Please make sure to choose a suitable message type, or else your account may easily get banned under the examination of Facebook



You are not allowed to use Facebook message tags for:

  • Promotional purposes that include deals, offers, coupons, and discounts
  • Information about past events or unenrolled events
  • Surveys, ratings, or voting
  • Cross-selling and upselling 

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