Troubleshooting Facebook Business verification: What to do if your Facebook Business Verification has failed

Learn what to do if your Facebook Business Verification has failed

Written By Frieda Yip (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 10th, 2024

Why does it fail and how is it essential to your Official WhatsApp application's success?

To simply explain what the Facebook Business Verification does for your WhatsApp Official Application:

It confirms your business' identity, so that the information gets reviewed WhatsApp, in order for you to get an Official WhatsApp number.

In order to better help you understand why you got rejected by WhatsApp, you can check the following points

  1. Documents are either incomplete or invalid, which includes:
    1. Business Registrations that are outdated
    2. Address and Phone Numbers within the Business Verification step does not match your Business Registration documents + Business Info on Facebook
    3. Information that was self filled and not approved by your respective governments (no official chops or declarations)
    4. If documents cannot be clearly read
    5. Documents that were submitted did not match business name in Facebook or information filled in the Business Settings > Business Info section of Facebook Business
    6. You can refer to the Facebook guide here in order to understand specifically what documents you need
  2. Documents submitted in unsupported languages
    You can refer to this graphic here to check if your Official documents are in the following supported languages: 
  3. Missing follow up documents requested by Facebook through their email replies
    Please ensure to check your emails (that was submitted in the Business Verification) that all additional documents are provided
  4. Submitting the Facebook Business Verification multiple times in a short time span
    1. Please note that Facebook will treat multiple application attempts as spam and will not approve the application, try to submit application attempts minimum 3 weeks apart from the previous failed attempt to avoid this from happening
  5. Website name does not match Business Verification information
    Ensure that the logo on your website and other information matches those in the Facebook Business Verification + Business Info before completing the application

If you have any additional issues, you can contact our support staff through WhatsApp (+852 6452 2442) or through our emails (, so we can guide you through the application process!