Check Facebook Business verification status

Verify your Facebook Business for the application for Official WhatsApp Business API.

Written By Frieda Yip (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 10th, 2024

Table of Contents

Confirm verification status

You can confirm your Business verification status in the Facebook Business Settings.

Navigate to Facebook Business > Settings. Select the Facebook Business that you apply for WhatsApp Business API.

You need to log in to your Facebook account or contact the Facebook page admin for this setting.


Scroll to the bottom on the left sidebar, select Business Info.

You will be able to check the Business Verification Status on the Business Information page.

If it is shown as "Verified", then you can process the application for Official WhatsApp Business API.


If it is shown "Unverified", you need to complete Facebook Business Verification in order to register for Official WhatsApp Business API.

Check this guide for the steps of Facebook Business Verification.