Connecting WeChat Official to SleekFlow

Learn how to connect WeChat Official accounts to SleekFlow and run marketing campaign to target Chinese audience

Written By Frieda Yip (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 10th, 2024

If you have not created a WeChat Official Account, please register a "Service Account 服务号" here.


Install WeChat on SleekFlow

Navigate to Channels.

Click the "Add" button next to WeChat.

You will be directed to this screen, in which the system will fill in the "Webhook URL" and "Verification Token" automatically.

You have to fill in the "Channel Name",  "App ID", "App Secret" and upload the QR code to install.

Channel name

Insert a name for this WeChat Channel for your team to better recognize this channel.

Use names such as "Sales Team", "Support Team", "Marketing Team for Guangdong" for better recognition.



App ID

From the WeChat Dashboard, go to the "Basic Configuration | 基本配置" page from the left column. You can find this below the “Development | 开发”.

On the “Basic Configuration | 基本配置” page, you will be able to find your “App ID | 开发者ID”.

Go ahead and paste the App ID on the “SleekFlow Channels Page” we just opened.

App Secret

On the same "Basic Configuration | 基本配置" page, to generate the App Secret | 开发者密码, you have to pass two verification steps.

You have to scan a QR code on the webpage. After that, you need to re-enter your account password.

Once you have completed the security measures, a brand new App Secret will be generated.

Whitelist IP Address

Return to the WeChat "Basic Configuration | 基本配置", click "View | 查看" for IP whitelist

And add (click "Modify | 修改 ")the following IP address of SleekFlow to the whitelist:

To check your current SleekFlow environment, follow the steps below and copy the corresponding IP address:

  1. Login to SleekFlow web
  2. Right click and use the browser's Inspect tool
  3.  On the Inspect tool, open the Network tab
  4.  Keep the Inspect tool open and refresh the browser
  5. Go back to the Inspect tool, search for "GetUserWorkspace" on the top-left search bar
  6. Click on the name of "GetUserWorkspace". You will then see the server_location of your SleekFlow account

    IP address For East Asian environment (server_location: "eastasia"):

    IP address For East US Environment (server_location: "eastus")


    IP address For SG SEA Environment (server_location: "sgsea")


Once again, you will have to verify yourself by scanning a QR code.

Webhook URL and token

On the same page, click on the "修改配置 | Change Configuration" button to open up the Configuration menu.

Copy the URL and Token from the platform and paste them into their respective fields.

Generate an Encoding AES key and select " 明文模式 | Plain Text Mode" for message encryption.

Save these settings, and a green message should appear.

You will have to enable these changes so that messages are forwarded to the platform. Click on the green “启用 | Enable” button. It should then turn red and become “停用 | Disable”.


QR code

You can find your QR code on “Settings | 设置”  -> “Account Info | 公众号设置”. Press “Download QR code |下载二维码” and choose 8cm.

Complete installation

Return to the SleekFlow platform. Paste the required information and press the blue "Install" button.

✅ Your SleekFlow Account has been connected to WeChat!


✅ Any messages sent to your WeChat Official Account will now show in your SleekFlow inbox.



FAQs - WeChat

Can I send and receive media on WeChat?

Yes. Sending and receiving images & videos are supported in SleekFlow.

The maximum file size is 10MB for sending images and videos.

The video needs to be in MP4 file format and will be displayed in URL format.


Sending files like PDFs is not supported on WeChat at the moment.