Broadcasts FAQ

Discover the answers to frequently asked questions about broadcasts

Written By Iqmal (Administrator)

Updated at July 1st, 2024

Are there any limitations I should be aware of for broadcasts? 

Configurations for broadcast campaigns may differ due to requirements and limitations imposed by the messaging channel you are using to send the broadcast.

For example, WeChat, SMS, and Telegram do not have “Read” message delivery status and you won’t be able to view any “Read” analytics for broadcasts sent via the mentioned channels.

How many broadcast messages can I send?

The number of broadcasts you can send is dependent on the usage limit of your plan and the messaging channel used for the broadcast.

You may refer to the "Plans and Billings" page to find the limit associated with your plan.

For broadcasts that are sent using WhatsApp channels, there is an initial sending limit of 1,000 contacts per day, which would be upgraded to 10,000 new contacts per day by WhatsApp if you send a broadcast message to 500 new unique contacts in the first week. For specific rate limits, please refer to the WhatsApp messaging limits.

How long does it take for all the messages in my broadcast campaign to be sent?

The time it takes for all the messages to be sent for your broadcast campaign is dependent on the messaging channel being used as well as other factors.

For channels such as Line and SMS, messages will instantly be sent after publishing your broadcast. For WhatsApp, messages are sent in 5 second intervals with a daily limit of 6,000 messages per number.

You can expect SleekFlow to be able to send around 200 messages per minute. Please note that actual sending times may vary depending on factors such as:

  • Peak usage periods - Broadcasts may encounter longer sending times when our servers are experiencing periods of high traffic and usage. These delays are temporary as we have mechanisms in place to handle peak periods.
  • Network conditions - The time it takes to finish sending a broadcast to your selected audience can be affected by the network conditions between the user's location and SleekFlow's infrastructure, as well as any factors related to the user's internet service provider or regional internet performance. Additionally, this may be impacted when SleekFlow's server provider experiences service degradation or outages, which are outside of our control.