Flow conditions overview

A summary of all available conditions in Flow Builder

Written By Iqmal (Administrator)

Updated at July 5th, 2024

Condition nodes are the decision-making elements within your flow. They evaluate enrollments based on set conditions, and determine the path they take in the flow depending on whether specified conditions are met. This allows you to create dynamic and personalized experiences by tailoring your responses and actions based on various factors, including contact information, conversation context, and previous interactions.

In this article, a summary of all the different flow conditions is provided so you can choose the right ones to meet your business needs. The table below outlines all available conditions and how they evaluate enrollments in a flow:

Condition name Description
Contact property Evaluates a specific contact property of the enrollment, such as their name, email, or custom properties
Conversation status Checks an enrollment's current conversation status, e.g., open, closed, or pending
Default/Last channel Checks the most recent messaging channel used by the enrolled contact
Label Evaluates whether a specific label is present on the enrolled contact’s profile
List Checks if the enrolled contact belongs to a particular contact list
Flow variable Assesses the value of a variable set within the flow
Triggered message keyword Analyzes the incoming message for specific keywords or phrases