Connecting Viber to SleekFlow

Connect your Viber Business Account to SleekFlow

Written By Frieda Yip (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 10th, 2024

To connect Viber to SleekFlow, you will need the following:

Create a Viber bot account

  1. Log in to Viber Admin Panel
  2. Enter PIN
    Your Viber app will receive a 6-digit PIN. Enter the verification code and click "Next".
  3. Create a Bot account
    Navigate to the left panel, and click on the "Create Bot Account" button.
  4. Fill in the information
    Enter the required information, and click “Create”
  5. Generate private token
    Bot account is created. Please copy the private token to connect your Viber Business account to SleekFlow.

Connect Viber to SleekFlow

  1. Navigate to Channels > Add Channels. Click “Add” next to Viber.
  2. Name the Channel and paste the Bot account token.
    Click the “Install” button to proceed.

    Enter a name for this specific Viber channel for your team to recognize this channel better.


  3. Channel connected

    The system will then generate a unique link and QR code.

Copy the link or save the QR code of your account below and share it with any Viber user to start a conversation directly with you.


Viber FAQs/ Limitations

What can and cannot be done on SleekFlow?

Message type

Display on SleekFlow platform

Send from SleekFlow Platform









Quick reply

Can I take a Viber call on SleekFlow?

No. This is a Viber bot, unlike a normal Viber app.

Is there a charge for connecting Viber to SleekFlow? What about messaging costs?

There is no extra fee charged for connecting the Viber bot to SleekFlow. 

The first 25,000 delivered outbound messages will be free of charge on the Viber platform on monthly basis. Viber will start charging the bot developer once their bot has reached this threshold. Except the potential bot outbound messages delivered, there are no other costs to bot developers. For instance, all the messages exchanged during a session are 100% free of charge. You can refer to here for more info.

Can automation run on Viber SleekFlow? What about broadcast campaigns?

Yes, automation works on the platform. You can broadcast messages on SleekFlow too.

What file types do we support on Viber SleekFlow?

Image with format on .JPEG, .PNG, or .GIF are supported with max. image size: 1 MB on iOS, 3 MB on Android.

By connecting Viber, does it automatically sync all their contacts and message history to SleekFlow?

No, as this is a Viber bot, it does not sync contacts and messages history to the platform. However, it does autosave a contact to SleekFlow when customers reach out to you via Viber bot.

Can we recall or delete messages sent on Viber SleekFlow?

No, messages sent would not be able to recall or delete just like WhatsApp Official API.